Receives and accurately processes surgical or diagnostic tissue specimens This task requires fine technical skill to produce quality tissue slides for microscopic diagnostic interpretation. Duties are repetitive in nature but require precise attention to detail. Performance of staining and special staining, additional responsibilities include performing gross examination of specimens when received.


Listed but not limited to

  • Receive tissue specimens and enter into log book, etc.
  • Process tissue for sectioning.
  • Section tissue; stain slides, cover slips and labels slides.
  • Reviews ALL slides and documentation before taking anything to the physician.
  • Log in and prepare all incoming consultation slides for review.
  • File all slides and blocks.
  • Maintain order in the laboratory and compliance to safety regulations.
  • Keep all QC/QA charts.
  • Review and update regulated manuals annually.
  • Acts as back-up for nurses.
  • Order laboratory supplies and appropriately stores supplies.
  • Appropriately dispose of biohazardous waste.
  • Oversees all laboratory functions.
  • Maintains current policies and procedures for all laboratory functions.
  • Implements laboratory safety.
  • Updates Laboratory Management Manual yearly or as policies and procedures change.
  • Accepts responsibility for maintenance and storage of all laboratory records and patient slides, according to law.
  • Co-monitor for OSHA compliance.
  • Chemical Hygiene Officer


  • High School diploma or GED
  • AA OR BS/BA in science preferred but no required

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