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Great service. Super fast, polite and helpful. I’d definitely recommend to a friend.

David Bell

I recently discovered what looked like skin cancer on my chest, and was very frightened by it.  I went into Dr. Brown’s office for a biopsy, and when the results came back positive, they made sure I got in immediately for MOHS surgery.  During the process, they  afforded me the very best possible care.  He has a wonderful staff who were supportive and attentive to my needs, as they prepped me for his painless work.  Dr. Brown worked quickly and cleanly, and stitched me up very nicely.  I’m nearly healed after three weeks, and grateful for my renewed peace of mind. I couldn’t have felt I was in better hands.

Jeffery S.

Dr. Clarence Brown and his staff are the best! I went in for my annual checkup. Dr. Brown even checked between my toes! So glad he did. He noticed a mole between my toes. “I don’t like the looks of this.” They did a biopsy. The results showed abnormal cells. “To prevent cancer,” they got me in immediately and removed those cells, and the results were fantastic. Thank you, Dr. Brown!
The staff follows up with phone calls and appointments. Everyone is incredibly friendly and professional.
I highly recommend Dr. Clarence Brown and his staff. Such a wonderful experience to maintain a healthy existence. I owe Dr. Brown so much more than just a thank you.
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David W.

Very glad I came here! I’ve had bad experiences with doctors and staff not paying attention or just being mean. The staff here was very friendly! I had two moles taken off and I was shocked how fast and painless it was. I was in and out! If you want great and honest care, set up an appointment here!

Nick G.

Had to have a minor surgery. Doctor Brown made it quick and easy without any real worries.


I had a serious melanoma identified by Dr. Brown and removed within the week. Dr. Brown went above and beyond any other Doctor I have experienced in my long life. Everyone at the office is engaging, nice, and informed.


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