Tinea is a superficial fungal infection characterized by a red, round, dry, scaly patch(es) with central hypopigmentation. The rash may be itchy and may continue to grow if left untreated. Tinea is typically spread by skin-to-skin contact; common sources include people or household pets like cats and dogs.

There are many types of tinea, typically described by its location on the body.

Tinea Capitis– infection of the scalp.

Tinea Corporis– infection of the trunk or extremities, also known as “ringworm.”

Tinea Cruris– infection of the groin, also known as “Jock Itch.”

Tinea Pedis– infection of the feet, also known as “athlete’s foot.”

Tinea Unguium– infection of the fingernail or toenail.

Different medications may be used to treat the fungus depending on its location on the body.

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