Keloid/Scar Treatment

Millions of people are affected by these painful, unsightly thick scars typically appearing at the site of a previous injury or surgical procedure. Keloids are chronic, non-malignant tumors that form at the site of skin trauma. Acne scarring, ear piercing and other skin injuries can trigger them. We treat these with a variety of treatments, including topical steroid creams and steroid injections. These methods provide positive results, however, we are now proud to offer a cutting edge new technology to treat your thick scars: the SRT-100™ Vision. Superficial Radiation Therapy is a highly effective keloid removal treatment and boasts a cure rate of 94 plus percent. Approximately 18 million people are affected, particularly whose ethnicity makes them genetically prone to keloids—including African Americans, Latinos and Asians.

We perform the treatments right here in our office under the guidance of your Advanced Skin and MOHS Surgery Clinics Provider, as well as a Radiation Therapy Technician. Not only do we offer this new technology, but the promise of complete and thorough support throughout the process.

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