There are many types of warts, but each type of wart is caused by a strain of HPV virus. These viruses are spread by skin-to-skin contact. Typically your body does not recognize the HPV as being harmful, so the warts are allowed to grow.

Warts appear as elevated, round skin papules with a rough grayish-white or light brown surface. Although lesions may occur anywhere, they have a tendency to occur at sites prone to trauma, such as knees, elbows, hands, and feet.

Types of warts include:

Common warts, which often appear on your fingers.

Plantar warts, which show up on the bottom of your feet

Genital warts, which are a sexually transmitted disease

Flat warts, which are smaller, smooth warts that often appear in areas you shave frequently.

Warts are typically treated by a combination of destructive methods. Your physician will review exactly the type(s) of treatment necessary for your type of wart.

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