Office Manager

Julia Mahowald is the Office Manager of our Lincoln Park location. She brings a unique set of leadership skills to the practice as her background is in special education. She is a National Board-Certified Teacher with a focus as an Exceptional Learner specialist. Julia has held multiple positions that have involved several management and leadership roles allowing her to readily acclimate to the role of office manager.

Julia was is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota but grew up in the Seattle area.  After obtaining her undergraduate degree and beginning her teaching career in the Seattle area, she relocated to Chicago where she opened a new school for students with special needs.

In addition, to being a National Board Certified Teacher, Julia holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Adaptation and Learning Behavioral Specialty, a Masters as a Reading Specialist as well as multiple certifications in the educational field.

Julia oversees the day to day functioning at the Lincoln Park ASMSC office and serves as a provider liaison and patient advocate.




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